NRM cares for you- SG Todwong tells police spouses

Thursday 2nd November 2023

The NRM Secretary General, Rt. Hon. Richard Todwong has assured spouses of the police officers of the government's commitment to improving their well-being.

SG Todwong was today Thursday hosting a section of leaders for police officers’ spouses within the barracks of Kampala Metropolitan.

“I pledge my commitment to follow up and work with relevant authorities on all the issues presented to me like poor housing units, unreliable power to facilitate small scale businesses, lack of capital and skills to engage in production,” Todwong said as he responded to some of the concerns raised in the meeting.

Todwong added, “From the many activities we have been doing across the country, we invited you here to hear from you and work with you.”

The party decided to interact with you to find a way forward and also support your endeavours and activities in the barracks for the welfare of your families. 

Last year, Todwong was hosted at Luzira prison where he interacted with spouses of the prison wardens and visited some of their income-generating activities like bakery and furniture making.

On the issue of SACCOs, Todwong said it is good they are already in place and we shall recommend the government to empower. 

He commended the ladies for supporting the NRM party and their spouses when on duty, “The work that officers do is stressful and I believe you are loving wives who handle them well when they return home.” 

Intimidation of NRM supporters

The women leaders reported to the Secretary-General cases of harassment and mistreatment of officers whose wives support the NRM party. 

“Our husbands are often harassed because we love and support President Museveni. This is unfair because we have the right to choose who to support,” the women leaders said as they addressed Mr Todwong.

In his response, SG warned perpetrators who commission such acts to stop. “Nobody has the power to intimidate an NRM supporter. We shall investigate this to its logical conclusion and culprits will understand that NRM is the party in power.”

The women leaders who were coordinated by Ms Achola Jenifer Odong appealed to the government to empower them with capital through SACCOs where they can borrow money at minimal interest, establish secondary schools for their children and also put in place skilling centres to equip them with skills for production.

The director of Mobilisation at NRM, Hon. Rosemary Seninde said she will establish a direct link with officers’ spouses to intensify recruitment of supporters within the police barracks.

Maj(Rtd) Awich Polar, the director of External Affairs said as a former military officer, he understands the plight of officers and their spouses. “We care for you and pledge to sort out your concerns, especially raising the salaries of the officers.”