The NRM Manifesto Commitments for the Term 2016-2021 in respect to the... Read More

Medium Term Objectives:


To put in place enabling policies and legislation for sustainable development and... Read More

The NRM empowered the youth to participate in decision-making through Local Government Councils, Youth Councils and representation in Parliament and cabinet.


... Read More

The NRM has ensured operationisation of the constitutional provisions on ownership of land. The Land Amendment Act, 2010, has strengthened the protection of tenants (Bibanja holders) from evictions by land... Read More

The NRM has increased the access to safe water from crisis levels in most parts of the country to 65%inruraland72%inurbanareas.
This has been achieved through investment in various technologies in... Read More

Uganda has registered consistent economic progress in the last two decades averaging 6% per year.As a result,we have increased our revenue collection from a paltry sh5b in 1986 to sh9.7 trillion in 2014/15... Read More

The NRM is determined to decisively fight corruption. This is a war that we vow to fight to the end. We will continue pursuing the policy of zero tolerance to corruption through the various legal frameworks... Read More

We will continue to work vigorously for the deeper integration of the East African Community and co-operate with our partners in the Eastern Africa region, to guarantee our security and long-term... Read More

In the last five years, emphasis has been put on developing infrastructure with a view to reducing the cost of production. Paved (tarmac) roads — These have increased from 3,000km to 4,000km from 2011 to... Read More

We continued with immunisation and reproductive health programmes in addition to taking health services nearer to the people. We rehabilitated several health units, including referral hospitals such as... Read More