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Monday, 3rd August 2015
Another important principle of democratic governance that NRM upholds is to give people the power as granted by the constitution. The NRM believes that “All Power Belongs to the People” through federalization of governmental functions,... Read more
Thursday, 30th July 2015
The NRM has promoted the empowerment of older persons within the community to participate in economic development activities as well as improving on their social welfare.   Accordingly, a policy framework has been developed upon... Read more


2010-2016 MANIFESTO 

In this election manifesto, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) welcomes all Ugandans to the achievements so far registered since 2006 when Ugandans gave full mandate to NRM to lead the country.  Sincere thanks go to all those who put trust in NRM as the best and most competent organization to govern the country. The trust Ugandans put in NRM was a result of its re-known track record of performance in the transformation of the country.  Read More