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Monday, 31st August 2015
The Secretary General (SG) Rt. Hon Kasule Lumumba has today picked Nomination Forms from the National Electoral Commission Head Offices on behalf of the Candidate who will contest on the NRM ticket as the Presidential flag bearer.  ... Read more
Friday, 28th August 2015
The number of Ugandans renting houses in urban areas has since 2002 been increasing year-on-year. As such, the NRM government has created an environment for private real estate developers and agents to provide affordable and more... Read more


2010-2016 MANIFESTO 

In this election manifesto, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) welcomes all Ugandans to the achievements so far registered since 2006 when Ugandans gave full mandate to NRM to lead the country.  Sincere thanks go to all those who put trust in NRM as the best and most competent organization to govern the country. The trust Ugandans put in NRM was a result of its re-known track record of performance in the transformation of the country.  Read More