Party Structures

NRM Women League

The National organisation for women members of NRM known as the NRM Women League have structures similar to those of NRM, with appropriate modifications. 


District NRM Women Members of Parliament are members of the District Women League.


NRM Historical Leaders Forum

NRM Historical Leaders Forum includes all leaders of;


    1.  The Front For National Salvation (FRONASA),

    2.  The National Resistance Council as at 27th January 1986,

    3.  Leaders of the External Wing of NRM as at 27th January 1986,

    4.  Leaders of The Luwero Triangle Civilians Veterans Association, 

    5.  Leaders of The Uganda National Rescue Front as at 27th January 1986,

    6.  Leaders of UFM,

    7.  Leaders of FEDEMU,

    8.  Leaders of KIKOSI MALUM,

    9.  Leaders of Save Uganda Movement(SUM),

NRM Sub-County Caucus

The NRM Sub-county, Town or Municipal Division Council Caucus for every Sub-county council/Town council or Municipal Division consists of all NRM members of the council.


The functions of the Sub-county, Town or Municipal Division Council Caucus is to consider and adopt a common position on any business before the matter is brought for debate in the Council.


NRM District Council Caucus

The NRM District Council Caucus consists of all NRM District Councillors.

The Caucus has an Executive Committee elected by Members of the Caucus, which consists of;


    1.  The Chairperson who shall be the Chief Whip;

    2.  Vice Chairperson;

    3.  General Secretary ;

    4.  Publicity Secretary;

NRM Parliamentary Caucus

The NRM Parliamentary caucus consists of NRM members of Parliament.


The Executive Committee of the NRM Parliamentary caucus is elected by the caucus members and consists of the following;


    1.  The Chairperson who also serves as the Chief Whip;

    2.  Vice Chairperson who deputises the Chairperson;

    3.  General Secretary;

The Cell

The Cell is composed of 10 households and at least 5 members in either a residential or non-residential areas.


Each cell has a chairperson elected from amongst members of a cell.


The functions of the Cell:


    1.  Disseminate and defend NRM policies at that level.

The Branch

Every village in Uganda constitute a Branch.


A branch performs the following functions:


    1.  Generate consensus on key political, economic and social policies     of NRM within the branch;   

    2.  Mobilise the people to ensure full participation in implementation of political, economic and social policies of NRM within the branch

The Parish Conference

Every parish in Uganda has the NRM Parish Conference.


The Parish Conference consists of:


    1.  The Chairperson who shall also be the chairperson of the Parish Executive Committee

    2.  Members of the Parish Executive Committee

    3.  Members of the Branch Executive Committees within the parish