We require discipline to thrive- NRM’s Kigongo to Rubaga leaders

Wednesday 24th May 2023

The NRM 1st National Vice Chairman, Al hajji Moses Kigongo has cautioned party leaders against intolerance of divergent ideas and indiscipline, saying the act undermines the spirit of patriotism. He was speaking to structure leaders and supporters of the ruling party in the Rubaga division today at Mengo primary school playgrounds.

“We are all members of the NRM. We should embrace everyone who supports us as long as he does not fight us. The movement exists because of its members. Once we start to isolate some of our supporters because of what they say, we are finished,” Al Hajji Kigongo said.

Kigongo instead advised that those with alternative ideas should be accommodated and allowed to speak to find common ground. “Our party is one and united. Those who form cliques to fight others are unacceptable and may warrant disciplinary action,” the vice chairman warned.

He tasked leaders in Kampala to jointly do soul-searching to find out why the NRM support in the city is threatened. The ongoing conferences should help us to discover the cause of some resistance we face in the Kampala region which previously was not the case.

“It is in our interest to quickly find the cure to the issues we have, rather than complaining and playing blame games,” Al hajji Kigongo guided, adding, “The secretariat has come out to mobilise you. So take this message to lower structures.”

He observed that some leaders have excess love for money which has led them to misuse their offices. “Instead of serving the people they lead, they are busy looking for ways to steal from the vulnerable people,” Kigongo wondered, saying that the law will catch up with them.

The party vice chairman for Kampala, Hon. Singh Katongole, reiterated Kigongo’s message saying too much love for money by leaders is dangerous. “They are ever scheming for a chance to lot yet the same funds are meant to run projects to benefit the vulnerable,” Katongole said

He assured the party leaders of the secretariat’s commitment to go on a voting-hunting mission until the party finds victory in the coming elections. “We cannot afford to lose in the next polls,” Katongole added.

The Director of Mobilisation at the secretariat, Hon. Rosemary Seninde reminded leaders that it is their responsibility to follow up on government programs within their areas. “The manifesto being implemented is our brainchild. People entrusted us with their mandate and we have to deliver,” Seninde said.

“We shouldn’t blame anyone for poor service delivery. We are all leaders in the party. NRM is me and you. We are to blame for any setbacks,” Seninde explained.

Mrs Seninde also encouraged the leaders to interest themselves in acquiring knowledge. “We should read and listen to contemporary issues and follow geopolitics. An ignorant leader is dangerous to society’s progress,” Hon.Seninde empathised. 

The mobilisation trail tomorrow Wednesday heads to the Nakawa division.