NRM Secretary-General Todwong wraps up register update exercise

Monday 18th March 2024

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) Secretary General, also serving as the chief party registrar, Rt. Hon. Richard Todwong has officially concluded the display and registration of party members following a five-day nationwide exercise.

Todwong expressed satisfaction with the process, noting a significant influx of new members eager to join the ranks of the party. He made the comments while addressing journalists from his residence in Nwoya district today.

He extended gratitude to party members and Ugandans at large for their unwavering support throughout the noble exercise.

The registration exercise, running from Wednesday the 13th to Sunday the 17th, was spearheaded by the NRM secretariat.
Todwong thanked party members and Ugandans for their support during the noble exercise. “We registered an exceptionally high turnout across various regions, including Ankole, Bunyoro, Acholi, Kigezi, West Nile, and Rwenzori subregions. This overwhelming participation underscores our members' commitment to the party," Todwong remarked. 
Todwong said the exercise has helped in reawakening party structures and reminded members of their pivotal role in party building. “It has been heartening to witness the entire country mobilized and actively involved," he stated.
Reflecting on the party's inception as a grassroots movement, Todwong underscored its enduring relevance and significance in Uganda's political landscape. He particularly acknowledged the enthusiastic involvement of the youth and women, recognizing their pivotal contribution to shaping the party's trajectory.
Acknowledging challenges encountered during the registration process, particularly in areas marked by social and ethnic divisions, Todwong reassured the public of the party's commitment to resolving these issues. "Efforts are underway to rectify discrepancies in local government data and ensure the inclusion of newly established villages."
Moving forward, the party will focus on data digitization and structural election preparations. Todwong announced plans to establish a website for online registration, catering to individuals living abroad.
Todwong concluded by commending party members and staff for their dedication and hard work throughout the registration exercise. He expressed confidence in the integrity of the party's register and urged all Ugandans to actively participate in shaping the NRM's future.
Hajjat Medina Naham Ojale, Director of Administration and Finance, affirmed the successful conclusion of the registration exercise, emphasizing its pivotal role in updating and expanding the party's membership database.