Embrace government programmes to improve livelihoods, Namayanja tells residents of Rakai.

Monday 27th November 2023

The NRM Deputy Secretary General, Rt Hon Namayanja Rose Nsereko has underscored the critical significance of embracing government programs, emphasizing that each initiative is meticulously designed to address a long-term challenge for the betterment of the nation. 

"Every program that the government introduces always has a long-term challenge that it is addressing. Embrace these programs, for they are geared towards the well-being of our nation. Follow up on these programs to see to it that they serve their intended purpose of benefiting the masses." she said.

Namayanja made the call yesterday Sunday while addressing the faithful during a thanksgiving ceremony organized by the Church of Kifamba to honour its retired sons of the soil, including Maj Gen Elly Kayanja, Dr Kiwanuka Kimbuggwa, Mr Ntalazi Francis, Mr Kasozi Sulaiman, and Mr Iga Masajja Godfrey. 

Addressing the role of parents in shaping the future, she stressed the need for active involvement in the upbringing of children. Namayanja shared personal insights, attributing a significant portion of her upbringing's success to her mother's dedication. She implored mothers not to underestimate their impact and to instil reverence for God in the lives of their children.

Expressing gratitude to Maj Gen Elly Kayanja for his contribution to the country's security, Namayanja acknowledged the peace and security ushered in by the NRM government, allowing citizens to move and worship freely. 

Maj Gen Elly Kayanja, in his address, lauded the NRM government's significant contributions to the Kifamba community. He highlighted President Museveni's donation of iron sheets to the church, the construction of a new health centre costing 1.5 billion Ugandan shillings, improvements in education standards through the construction of Kifamba Comprehensive SS School, and the extension of electricity to the area.

Maj Gen Elly Kayanja also urged Parents to raise their children to become successful, responsible citizens, emphasizing their crucial role in building a better country.

Following the service, Mrs Namayanja visited Kifamba Comprehensive SS School and Kifamba Health Centre III, constructed by the government of Uganda.

She also paid a courtesy visit to the family of the former Director of Mobilisation, the late Mathias Kasamba. Namayanja laid a wreath on Kasamba's grave in honour of the great work he did for his NRM Party and Uganda at large.