Vote Urombi, Museveni tells Nebbi residents

Wednesday, July 10, 2019
"Am here to campaign for NRM without being ashamed because NRM has solved many problems here", President Yoweri Museveni told voters at Nebbi Municipal Ground this Tuesday.
 The President mentioned peace, infrastructual development and education among others as some of the achievements of NRM in the area. " Nebbi has been around for over 30 billion years but the first tarmac road got here during NRM" , he said. 
On education, the Presiddnt stated, "By 1961 there was no single secondary school in the whole Northern and Eastern Regions. But Nebbi District alone now has 25 Secondary Schools, 10 of which are government". The district also has 201 Primary schools with an enrolment of 125.000 pupils. 163 of these are government founded & 38 privately owned.
 "We are here to elect someone to replace our comrade (William Alenyo) who died. He worked with us to push Nebbi forward. Fill his place with someone who can carry on the same things" the NRM National Party Chairman told voters before he officially introduced the youthful Emmanuel Urombi, 31 to an excited crowd .
 The President also spoke against the misuse of the power of the vote.  "Some people think of minting money from a candidate but how can shs 1000 for 5 years help you? This is misuse of your vote. Elect people who will solve the problems of the society"  he advised.
"NRM has got answers to many of your problems, that's why I am here to ask you to vote NRM , he emphasised. Elections are scheduled for this Thursday.