Tortured NRM member still under critical condition

Friday, August 30, 2019

By Thursday 10:00pm, Baker Kasumba aged 21 years was still complaining of severe chest pain and general body weakness resulting from the inhuman torture by yet unknown thugs reportedly accusing him of supporting the ruling NRM Party.


The thugs roughed him up in Kalerwe, got badly beaten before placing his hands together and hammered two concrete Nails measuring six inches long into his palms. His two young sisters taking care of him in the hospital said their brother was in too much pain and could only be forced to eat.


The youthful NRM member would perhaps have met his death on Wednesday night if the nearby travellers had not responded to save him. Kasumba was returning home from town slightly after 10pm.


In the scuffle, he also sustained a cut on the forehead. But speaking with a lot of difficulty from his hospital bed, Kasumba still found time to call on the party members to be more vigilant.  "Abawagizi baffe mubagambe babeere begendereza”, he said, literally meaning, ‘tell our members to be vigilant'. Kasumba cannot currently sit without being supported and lays on his back most of the time.   Medics however said his life was out of danger.    


SG Lumumba calls for thorough investigations 


Rt. Hon Justin Kasule Lumumba has called on security agencies to jointly speed up the investigations and bring the suspects to answer their charges. She has further called on Ugandans to desist from torture and any other cruel, inhuman or degrading acts against humanity.   


Lumumba says every person has the right to freedom of association which includes the freedom to form or join a political party. The Party will meet the medical bills of our member.   


Baker Kasumba is a resident of Kisenyi Zone, Bwaise I Parish in Kawempe North B Sub County.  He deals in second hand clothes at Ham Tower in Kampala City.