Some Quotes from Hon Namayanja's Presentation on Olujegere Show - STAR TV

Saturday, November 9, 2019

We have experienced fundamental change since 1986 when the NRM government came into power. These 33 years have been of consecutive development for the Nation. From Malaba to Kotido, the country has been largely peaceful.


Even though crime is an global challenge, we as the NRM, have put in place stringent measures to curb the vice in the country, e.g. the introduction of CCTV camera has helped bring down the crime rate in urban areas.


We are the first government in the history of the country to distribute agricultural inputs to the population and also educate them on best farm practices. This was a deliberate move to encourage and enable the masses earn a living through commercial agriculture.


We have put in place tarmac from border to border, this has boosted trade within the country and across borders to ensure that people reach to the markets in time.


Originally, we did not produce enough power to meet the demand of the country, that is no longer a challenge as we have constructed various power dams to fill the void. We are now focused on reducing the price of electricity to make it very affordable for all Ugandans. Our goal is to have a unit of power cost not more than 8 cents.


Through industrialization, we want to reduce the number of imports while increasing our exports to the international and regional markets. We have already started implementing our plan through deliberately gazetting industrial parks that will provide jobs for our youths.


The NRM is a mass party with functioning structures, it is these structures that keep us strong. We are a people centered party that believes every Ugandan is capable of contributing to the development and advancement of our party.


We were the first party in Africa to put in place a Constitution that calls for the representation of the youth in Parliament.


The appointment of the special envoys (e.g. Buchaman, Catherine Kusasira) by our National Chairman will actually propel us forward. I may not know the dynamics of the ghetto, but Buchaman is in better position to actually reach out to the masses there.


We have an open-door policy for all Ugandans, this is because we are a people centred party. Everyone is important to us because all votes weigh the same.


As government, our aim is to have people centered force that serve the population. There are some wrong elements but measures have been put in place to weed them out. Some have already been apprehended and put under trial.