SG Lumumba rallies support for NRM in West Nile



Monday, March 16, 2020

The Secretary-General Rt Hon Justine Kasule Lumumba has urged the people of West Nile to consolidate on the peace and stability they are enjoying by supporting NRM flagbearers and taking part in NRM party activities.


While speaking during on-spot supervision of the Adjumani NRM Membership Registration exercise yesterday, Lumumba rallied the masses to support the party in its endeavours of consolidating the peace enjoyed by all Ugandans.


"Your participation in the NRM registration exercise is a stamp that you approve and support the party to continue maintaining security for the country," SG Lumumba said.


She explained that service delivery can only be realized when the country is void of wars and conflict. Lumumba then thanked the residents for cooperating with security agencies in ensuring that their area is peaceful.


"No place can develop without security, and security cannot be maintained without cooperation of the community. We will continue working together to provide markets for your produce due the security ushered in by the NRM," she added.


On new members, Lumumba called in party members to always embrace with open hands members of society who choose to join the ruling NRM party. She explained that a political party's strength is determined by the number of members it has, hence the need to embrace new party members.


The Secretary-General applauded the residents for always supporting and voting in favour of the NRM and President Yoweri Museveni in all elections.


She called upon NRM leaders to continue with the mobilization of party members to participate in the registration exercise that is scheduled to end tomorrow, Tuesday 17th. The Secretary-General continues with her on spot visits at different Registration centres in different regions.


I call upon all of you to register, those who are Ugandan NRM supporters and are 16 and above, if you have not registered, go and do so but in the right place; where you originate or live currently. You cannot exercise the power to vote if you do not register.