SG Lumumba passes out over 3345 Patriotism Corps in Bugiri District


Thursday, March 19, 2020

The NRM Secretary General Rt Hon Justine Kasule Lumumba today officiated at the pass out of over 3445 patriotism club students at Bukooli College School in Bugiri District.


The students who were collected from over 33 schools in the District were trained in a number of disciplines including roadworks & drills, atitude and behavior, mindset, methods of work & discipline among others.


Lumumba congratulated the students for completing the 2 weeks course and emphasised the importance of patriotism training towards the eradication of public vices such as corruption. She also thanked the District patriotism secretariat leadership for undertaking the training.


"Patriotism helps to curb most of the problems we are facing as society, when we train our children who are the future leaders the dangers of corruption, only then will the the future of our country be guaranteed." SG Lumumba said.


She urged the students to remain focused on their mission in life and for parents not to neglect the boy child as they are the future heads of families.


"We want the boy child to come up as responsible heads of families and one of the attributes we are imparting into them is resilience. We are teaching you to be resilient in life, giving up doesn't help you to succeed," she explained.


On the prevailing Corona Virus pandemic, SG Lumumba cautioned the students and leaders to stay vigilant and follow the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health so as to stay safe.


She donated Sh 1million to the patriotism corps instructors and cartons of water to the participating schools.


On his part, the Bugiri District RDC Mr Mugabi Martin thanked the SG for gracing the pass out ceremony and commended the students for demonstrating high levels of discipline throughout the course.


The National Patriotism programme is a presidential initiative that President Yoweri Museveni launched in 2009. The ultimate goal is to produce a new breed of enlightened population committed and devoted to national causes, and have love for the country.