SG Lumumba, EU diplomats in political meet

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The Rt. Hon. Secretary General of NRM Rt. Hon Justine Kasule Lumumba has this Monday held a meeting with a delegation of eight diplomats attached to different Embassies in Uganda.


The delegation was here to get acquainted with the Party's views on the current political climate in Uganda. They were led by Her Excellency Anna Merrifield the European Union Deputy Ambasador. Other Deputy Ambasadors present included Clement Moutel (France) and Lorenza Gambacorta (Italy). The team also had six Political Officers that included Christian Palomaki (Denmark), Daniel Arhem (Sweden), Nicholas Rae (British High Commission), Theo Oltheten (The Netherlands), Roisin Carlos (European Union) and Frederic Lavis (Belgium).


NRM for Early Preparation


SG Lumumba told her guests that NRM intends to compile the Member Register and hold the internal primaries early enough to create ample time for addressing the post election petitions. Tribunals to handle such petitions will be constituted on time.


Intensified Civic Education


Looking back at the 2016 polls, the Secretary General disclosed that there were gaps in carrying out the civic education that led to high numbers of invalid and spoilt ballot papers. She said this role should not be left to the National Electoral Commission alone but the Political Parties as well.


Youth involvement


The delegation demanded to know the involvement of the youth in the party operations and Lumumba said NRM had such structures at all levels whose members participate in different activities that  include monitoring the progress of govt programs.


ANT and Bobi are NRM Achievements


About the clearance of a new Political Party on the ground (ANT) led by Rtd. Gen. Mugisha Muntu and the existance of the People Power pressure group, SG Lumumba referred to both as being part of the NRM achievements. "NRM has created a condusive political atmosphere that has resulted into formation of new parties...Bobi Wine is a clear product of the NRM's campaign of empowering the young people", she explained. She added, "NRM is very accomodative even to those that disagree with us".


Law on independents


Lumumba further told her guests that there is need to put in place clear laws to regulate the independents and the spontaneous meetings. On the Public Order Management Act, she said the members were progressing well in ensuring that Police designates officers to receive notices for public meetings. The SG the move would save the political parties on the costs to the Police Headquarters in Naguru.


Pushing for EC funding


The Secretary General further revealed that the Party was also putting pressure on the goverment to table the Electoral Reforms early enough and to fund the National Independent Electoral Commission inorder to implement its electoral related activities on schedule.



Opposition intimidating NRM supporters


Commenting on the recent UCC directive to different Media Houses, SG Lumumba observed that its important for affected individuals to be held responsible other than punishing the entire media houses. She also called upon the international media to avoid focussing on the negatives alone but publicise the positive stories of the NRM govt as well. Lumumba said many NRM  supporters were being intimidated by opposition members especially during by-elections.


The meeting was attended by the Deputy National Treasurer Dr. Kenneth Omona and the Director Finance and Administration Dr. Hassan Galiwango.