SG Lumumba assures Islanders on land

Thursday, March 8, 2018

NRM Secretary General Justine Kasule Lumumba has this Thursday sailed to the three islands of Lwabitooke, Kisima I and Kisima II where the islanders assured her of their undoubtable support for the party in the Jinja East by-elections scheduled for March 15.


The party leader was traversing the islands to canvass support for the flag bearer Nathan Nabeta.


Her long mobilisation voyage started in the morning from Jinja sailing club located at the shores of Lake Victoria. There was however some moment of tension as her motor boat got stuck in the middle of the lake for about 15 minutes following the break-down of a fuel pump. It was later fixed.


At all venues the islanders pledged support for NRM but called for the SG's intervention against threatened land evictions. At Lwabitooke the LCI chairman Biketi Patrick said over 80 families were spending sleepless nights following allegations that the whole island had been bought off by one prominent politician in Busoga.


He added that the purpoted buyer had even acquired the land title in the hidden names of Nabyuma Muzamir and Grace Bwanika. The land title was issued in 2015.


The Municipal Mayor Majid Batambuze who accompanied the SG however refuted reports and assured the residents of undisputed stay on the island.




At Kisima II, the SG tasked the land lady Ms. Rita Kakungulu to explain the state of the residents. Kakungulu publicly re-assured them of no interference but warned that their animals should be guarded away from her crop farm.




Responding to the same, SG Lumumba assured the islanders of the government commitment to protect the interests of the residents and guard them against possible land grabbers. Lumumba said she would work with the local leadership and the area MPs in causing a cancellation of any fake land titles.


On the illegal fishing, she urged residents to be law-binding and promised government support in providing boats and standard fishing nets. She asked them to vote Nathan Nabeta on March 15.


Jinja District Woman MP Loy Katali said voting for the NRM candidate would mean attracting more services in the Constituency.


The Secretary General will remain camped here till the polling day.