Tuesday, September 12, 2017

NRM flag bearers for LCV and Woman Parliamentary seats in the newly created Rukiga district have opted for joint rallies a head of the elections schedules for September 21.


Mr. Kampikaho Alexander and Ms. Caroline Kamusiime Muhwezi took the decision Monday morning after a consultative meeting presided over by Maurice Mugenga Kaitaba, the NRM Electoral Officer in charge of greater Kabale district.


Our Media staff (Ambrose Katunda) currently in Rukiga says the duo later in the day addressed a series of meetings in Bukinda Sub County. The participants included LCIII Councillors, NRM Village Committees, special organ representatives and selected opinion leaders among others.


Ms Caroline Kamusiime Muhwezi urged party leaders at all levels to put aside the differences emerging from their party primaries and throw their support behind her.


"We need to win all these seats as NRM" Kamusiime said.


On his side, Mr Kampikaho Alexander called upon party leaders in Bukinda Sub County to rally all their support behind the flag bearers and convince others at the grassroots to collectively support NRM.


He praised Mr Asiimwe Rwamwere Jackson who lost to him in primaries for conceding defeat and joined him in the general campaigns.


With 95 polling stations, Rukiga district is made up of 5 Sub counties namely; Kamwezi,
Bukinda, Rwamucucu, Kashambya Sub County and Muhanga Town Council.

The NRM National Chairman and President H. E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is expected to pitch camp in Rukiga on 19th Sept 2017 to canvas support for both the Flag bearers.