President Museveni officiates at International Women's Day celebrations in Dokolo

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Women emancipation should not be isolated from other issues affecting society as a whole, President Museveni has advised.


While officiating yesterday at the International Women's Day celebrations held in Dokolo District, the President said the issues are inter-related and should therefore be handled in close coordination.


“How will you empower women without security? When you talk of women you should remember security and all the other issues. You can't empower them without addressing the issues of the community.” The President said.


Museveni called on the people to embrace government programmes on wealth creation in order for them to create sustainable incomes for their families.


“We are going to attract more factories. Here in Dokolo I would like the people to offer 3-4 square miles of land so that when an investor comes, we have land to give him for a factory.” Museveni added.


The President used the same occasion to launch a new water plant in the district. The 180,000 litres production capacity per day will serve over 10,000 people with initial design capacity to serve a population of 39,861 people by 2035.


The system was constructed by the Ministry of Water and Environment and handed over to the National Water and Sewerage Corporation for efficient management.