"NRM still enjoys Majority support " - Namayanja

Sunday, February 23, 2020

The NRM National Treasurer Hon Namayanja Rose Nsereko has said that the NRM as a party is not ready and hasn't yet even thought of handing over Power to any other political party. 


Speaking on Saturday during a fundraising ceremony held by the SDA Church Ngobe in Bunamwaya where she was the Guest Preacher, Namayanja attributed the party's continued stay in power to the massive grassroot support the ruling party enjoys due to its great performance in the different sectors in the country.


"Under the visionary leadership of President Yoweri Museveni, the NRM has and continues to deliver to the expectation of the population in terms of service delivery in key sectors like security, education, health, transport, energy among others where the country has registered enormous growth," Namayanja said.


She added that just like any ruling political party in the world, the emphasis is on consolidating the support enjoyed among the population through continued service delivery. She furthermore highlighted that the party still has future plans for the country and will continue to deliver to the expectation of the population.


Namayanja scoffed at opposition parties that held a false belief of highjacking power from the NRM and yet still harbored internal conflicts that threatened their existence.


"The continued internal bickering with the opposition sections is a clear indication to Ugandans that they are not ready to take over leadership of the country. If they have failed to manage themselves at their current level, how will they manage to lead the country?" she wondered.


She advised the warring sections in the opposition to unite and perform their role of checking government performance. This she said, will enable Ugandans to receive even better services.


On religion, Namayanja called on the believers to possess positive energy to every challenging situation they experience in life and to always focus on overcoming such problems instead of holding self-pity.


She contributed Sh3 Millions towards the noble cause of constructing the Church Marriage Centre and thanked the faithful for their generous contributions.