NRM Mission is to transform Uganda into a Modern Prosperous society.

Friday, October 2, 2015

To appreciate NRM’s ideology, it’s important to reflect on the stated vision and mission of the organization. The vision has been articulated as working towards “A free democratic, secure, united, modern, developed, industrial and prosperous Uganda within a federated and prosperous Africa”.


The mission of NRM is to transform Uganda from a subsistence peasant based pre-industrial society into a modern prosperous and industrialized society that is united, democratic and secure in a Pan-Africanist framework.


To realize the vision and achieve the mission, the NRM has been committee to;


  1. Resistance – against all forces of tyranny, oppression and exploitation.
  2. Empowering all the people through wide ranging democratic reforms.
  3. Jealously working towards the security of people and their property.
  4. Promotion of national unity and guarding against the resurgence of all forms of sectarianism.
  5. Implementing programs geared towards the socio-economic transformation of society, such as providing a healthy environment for industrialization and job creating through public and private investments. This is in line with the strategy of building an independent, integrated and self-sustaining national economy. However, the strategy is largely private sector led.
  6. Working for integration of the regional markets in Africa.
  7. Pursuing a Pan-Africanist policy of defending the human rights of all our African compatriots, and eventually working for greater African integration.
  8. Developing of our human resource into a productive, innovative and patriotic force.
  9. Preserving the cultural heritage of Africa including our languages.