NRM to hold Primaries in 7 districts this Wednesday

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The NRM Party primaries to determine flag bearers in the six newly created districts will be conducted this Wednesday.


A total of 47 candidates were vetted by the Party Electoral Commission to compete for the twelve slots shared equally between District Woman MPs and District Chairpersons. Kasanda and Bugweri districts have the highest number of contestants at 9 each followed by Nabilatuk (8), Kwania (6), Kapelebyong (6), Hoima (5) and Kikuube has 4.


Kikuube will only hold elections for District Chairperson while Hoima goes for District Woman Member of Parliament.




The Party Electoral Commission has already dispatched off materials to the Central Police Stations in the respective districts. EC Vice Chairperson Hon John Kigyagi confirms that all other materials except the ballot papers were delivered to police stations on Tuesday evening. The ballot papers will be delivered early morning and this is done to avoid 'likely temptations'.




The candidates or their agents are at liberty to follow up the distribution of materials starting 5:30 am this Wednesday morning.


The voting at all polling stations is scheduled to kick off at 08:00am and close at 04:00pm.EC has already trained the polling agents and held the meetings involving all candidates.




NRM Secretary General Rt. Hon. Justine Kasule Lumumba has called for non confrontational electoral process in all districts. Lumumba says the party primaries shouldnt divide members but rather bring them closer as they prepare to face opponents from other political parties.