NRM Clarifies...



Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Since the release of the revised Electoral Road Map by the National EC, I have continued to receive calls from different Party Members seeking to know when the NRM Secretatiat will release its own revised edition.


I clarify as follows;


▪The Secretary General Rt. Hon. Justine Kasule Lumumba could NOT issue an internal revised Party Road Map before the National EC.


▪Now that we are in receipt of the National EC Road Map, the Secretariat has already embarked on the exercise of revising our Road Map backwards to suit in the dates issued by Justice Byabakama.


▪Shortly, the Rt. Hon. Secretary General will present our revised edition to the Central Executive Committee (CEC) for approval and further guidance.


▪After accomplishing all these steps, the Rt. Hon Secretary General will release our internal Road Map.

Please note that all these activities will be done at the earliest to avoid time wasting and catch up with the National EC dates as scheduled.


I however urge all those intending to contest at different levels to critically take note of the National EC Road Map dates especially in the areas of the Submission of Academic Papers to EC for verification and the Resignation for Public Servants.




Senior Manager
Information, Communication & Public Relations, NRM