Nebbi set to receive President Museveni today

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

It's all set here in Nebbi District to receive the NRM National Chairman and Head of State Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who arrives later in the day.


The National Chairman is here to drum up last minute support for Mr. Urombi Emmanuel, the Party Flag Bearer for the position of the District Chairman.




While here, the National Chairman is expected to perform several other activities that will include a visit to Gold Force Winery owned by a youthful Bob Oyoma in the newly created Parombo Town Council. Oyoma employs over one thousabd youths.


He will also commission the newly established power line in the same area under the Rural Electrification Program. Other activities will include a brief stop over at the offices of the boda boda cyclists in Nebbi Municipality among others.


The National Chairman will then later in the day address two rallies in Parombo Sub County and Nebbi Municipality.




Several senior politicians have already arrived in Nebbi to receive the National Chairperson. Among those present is the State Minister for Northern Region & Zombo District Woman MP Hon. Grace Kwiocwiny.


Deputy SG Richard Todwong, Deputy National Treasurer Dr. Kenneth Omona, CEC Member Huda Oleru, area Woman MP Hon. Jacqueline Aol, Municipality MP Hasheem Suleiman and the District NRM Chairperson Kermundu George Adubango are among those who have been here for nearly two weeks to prepare ground for the Chairman's arrival.


Hon Sam Engola, a member of the Central Executive Committee (CEC) leads the team of these politicians present.