Ensure effective service delivery in your areas, SG Lumumba tells Kasese NRM leaders

Sunday, December 1, 2019

 The National Resistance Movement (NRM) Secretary General, Rt Hon Justine Kasule Lumumba, has encouraged party leaders to ensure effective service delivery in their areas of jurisdiction. 



“All leaders should make sure that they are close and in good working terms with the population,” Lumumba said, adding that all leaders must be held accountable by the electorate if the services are not reaching the people at lower levels. 



Lumumba made the call while presiding over at the closing ceremony of the district NRM retreat held at Rwenzori High School, Ibanda Kyanja Town Council in Busongora North Constituency, Kasese District.



In her address, SG Lumumba rallied party leaders to work hand-in-hand with the electorates and move on the same page if they are to lay ground for speedy and effective service delivery in the district.



She urged the leaders to always find a way and solve petty issues between them and the electorates in order to foster quick development in the district.



She thanked the leaders in the district for working together and supporting each other, adding that this has been of benefit to the party. She cited the example of the recent LC and women council elections where NRM won massively in the district. 



“I want to thank the NRM leaders at all levels for working with each other in the district to ensure that there is continued and effective service delivery to the population,” Lumumba said.



“For the offices we are occupying in Kasese, let us associate with the people, let these offices be for the people that continue to vote for us,” she pleaded to the leaders.



The leaders that graced the occasion included parliamentary flag bearers, National Executive Committee (NEC) members, District Executive Committee members, district councilors, NRM sub-county chairpersons, LCIII chairpersons and their councilors, special interest groups, parish councilors and all leaders in the party structures.



Retreat resolutions



In their memo presented to the SG; the cadres moved that Kasese District be subdivided into three more districts and at least three municipalities in addition to elevating the municipality to a city status.


The cadres also resolved to address what they called mistakes during the 2016 elections, which they attributed mainly to infighting arising from the fall out during the primaries. 



They also called on the Government to rehabilitate the youth center in Busongora North, which was designed initially to cater for non-formal education of the local population.



The delegates also requested the Government to allocate land to special interest groups out of the 268 acres of public land on which the Government is investing irrigation schemes. 



Lumumba responds



On the request for land for special interest groups from the Government, The SG pledged to invite the party structures and lead them to relevant authorities. 



On rehabilitating the youth center, Lumumba promised to take up the matter with both the ministries of education and sports and that of Gender.



On the request for three more districts, Lumumba promised to contact the relevant authorities for further discussions. She informed them that as long as they were united, the chances are high that their requests would be granted. She further cautioned them that it was their duty to make it easier for government to act on these demands by electing NRM leaders. 



The SG thanked the people of Kasese for maintaining peace along the border with DR Congo and asked them to embrace the peace ushered in by NRM to use it for development. 



On the issue of misunderstandings that arose from the party primaries, the SG apologized and pledged to ensure that such issues are rectified and will never happen again. She also cautioned the leaders to seek forgiveness with each other in case of varying differences and misunderstandings.



On the issue of the Opposition dragging President Museveni to International Criminal Court, SG warned the district against getting lured into continued lies and gimmicks by the Opposition. She further stressed that President Museveni is voted by the people of Uganda to serve their mandate and that whatever he is doing, he does it with in the laws of the constitution of Uganda. She urged the electorates not to engage in what she termed time wasting activities.



She thanked the NRM leadership for organizing the retreat and challenged them to continue in the same spirit at the lower level structures. She contributed sh5m to help in the management and success of the retreat. She also handed over sh20m on behalf of the Party Chairman and President Yoweri Museveni to help cater for the retreat costs.


Local leaders speak out



The acting NRM District Chairperson, Mr Fred Police Businge, noted that one of the main reasons for holding the three-day retreat was to unite and re-energise the party structures ahead of the 2021 elections. 

He said they decided to come together to forge a way forward on how to change the political spectrum in the district in favour of NRM. 



He said in order to ensure massive victory for the party at all levels in Kasese district, all structures need to co-ordinate and work together to ease the process of effective communication for better service delivery.



He praised the work done by the NRM Government of lifting people’s lives out of poverty in the area.



“NRM has done a lot of things in Kasese. If we start to list them, we can’t finish them,” he said, adding that so far there were no more grass thatched houses.



“The youth don’t know grass thatched houses and small kerosene candles (Tadoba), they know electricity,” he added attracting a thunderous applause from the delegates.



He thanked the Secretary General for honouring their invitation to the retreat. 



Mr Godfrey Baluku Kabyanga, the municipality mayor, assured the Secretary General that NRM leaders at all levels shall sacrifice everything to see that the party wins massively at all levels in the next elections. 



He also re-affirmed that the constituents pledge to continue supporting and voting NRM. 



He said the leaders unanimously passed a resolution endorsing President Museveni as the sole candidate and presidential flagbearer for 2021.



The meeting was also graced and addressed by the RDC, Lt. Joe Walusimbi and the Senior Presidential Advisor in charge of Rwenzori Affairs, Ms Christine Muhindo, among other leaders.



At the end of the function, Lumumba planted a tree. The retreat attracted over 1,700 delegates from all the structures that make up NRM in the district.