Communication from the National Chairman ahead of the Parliamentary Party Primaries

Thursday, September 3, 2020

All National Resistance Movement Branch (Village) Executive Committees;


The active participation by NRM members in party activities is a core principle that was enshrined in the NRM constitution. According to Article 9 of the NRM constitution, it is the right and indeed the duty of every member of the party to take part in the NRM primary elections.


The Constitution under Article 22(5) (g) further mandates the NRM Branches (Villages) to keep a permanent register of branch members. I have however, continued to receive complaints regarding the non-existence of registers in some villages and exclusion from the registers of a significant number of party members. I am informed that the latter was done during the process of compiling the National Register. This issue cane be resolved if we stick to the principles and policies of the NRM Party that are contained in our Constitution.


Therefore, in exercise of powers granted to the Chairman under Article 14 of the Constitution, I hereby offer guidance that should be followed during the upcoming Primary Elections:


1: All members of NRM whose names appear on the register shall be allowed to vote;


2:  Any NRM member whose name is not on the party register shall be immediately added to the register and permitted to vote if:

  1. The person is 18 years and above;
  2. The Branch (Village) Executive Committee has verified that the person is a member of NRM in that Village.


3: Where there are no registers, the Branch (Village) Executive Committee shall verify and register all members eligible to vote.


This activity can be handled transparently, either prior to or on voting day by the Branch and should not be a source of conflict. Copies of registers used should immediately after this exercise be forwarded to the Secretary General of the NRM.




Yoweri K. Museveni