Mugisha has good ideas of dev’t – PM Nabbanja tells Hoima voters

Saturday 9th September 2023

The Prime Minister, Rt.Hon. Robinah Nabbanja has said that voters in Hoima district should not blame unfinished projects of the former Chairman on the NRM flagbearer in the ongoing LCV By-election, Uthuman Mugisha Mubarak 

Ms Nabbanja argued that it would be unfair to judge Mugisha for the inadequacies of his father and former Chairman Mr. Kirungi, since he was not part of the past administration.

“I ask you to vote for the good ideas of unity, development and employment concerns of the young graduates of Hoima district which Mugisha has been preaching throughout his campaigns,” the Prime Minister said as she rallied for the NRM support in Kitoba Sub County, Bugahya constituency.   

“This is an issue-based election, not excitement. Uthuman Mubarak is the candidate who will work well with the government to deliver progress for the people of Hoima district” Nabbanja added, noting “You should make an informed decision on Thursday next week because the choice you take will definitely impact on your livelihoods.” 

On corruption, The PM committed to assist Mugisha if elected to fight corruption and misuse of public services at the district because such vices cripple service delivery. 

“Government appropriates a lot of money to districts to cater for the wellbeing of the population and so they require a keen eye to ensure that they are put to proper use. The SEED schools, electricity connectivity and clean water supply are some of the concerns that Mugisha will begin with in his two year administration,” she said.   

The NRM deputy National Treasurer, Hon. Jaqueline Kyatuhaire who was also on the campaign trail asked supporters of the ruling party to choose their flag bearer, saying “we are in multiparty politics.”

“I ask you to elect Mugisha because he understands your interest. He will also cooperate well with the government to lobby for more services,” Kyatuhaire said.

The NRM endorsed aspirant, Uthuman Mugisha Mubarak reminded the voters that the five year mandate was given to the ruling party to implement its manifesto. 

“The unfortunate incident of losing the Chairman should instead unite the masses more to ensure that the NRM agenda is not interfered with,” Mugisha said.

 He promised to uplift the conditions of the youth and women through working with government and the private sector to create employment opportunities for income generation.  

"We shall work together to harness the opportunities resulting from the industrial park, construction of the Kabalega International Airport and improved road network of over 700 Kms of tarmac in the region," Mugisha also said.  

In the remaining days of the campaign, Mugisha promised to reach out to every voter, including those who may not be in agreement with him to explain his good plans for the district.

"Let us unite. Let us work together for the benefit and the development of our people," he appealed.

Hon. Rosemary Seninde, the Director of Mobilization for the NRM party, expressed confidence and hope for a win, saying that, "Like we have done in previous by-elections, I am hopeful for a clear win in Hoima because of the tangible development.”

Please take the good message of NRM to everyone in villages, reminding them to turn up in big numbers on voting day to vote for Mugisha. Seninde added.

The Director of Communication, Hon. Emmanuel Dombo among other party leaders also attended the campaign trail.