Youth Empowerment

The NRM empowered the youth to participate in decision-making through Local Government Councils, Youth Councils and representation in Parliament and cabinet.


Through UPE, USE, free Higher Education and the Student Loan Scheme, the NRM is empowering the youth to effectively participate in the economic development of the country so that they have a better future.  Today, about 40,000 youth graduate from universities annually. This is a big achievement although it creates a good challenge of jobs for the youth.


Many youth have been educated during NRM’s tenure and some are contributing to the development of the country through gainful employment.


We have introduced a five-year sh265b Youth Livelihood Programme to provide startup capital for the youth to create jobs for themselves and employ others. So far, sh54.4b has been disbursed to 70,000 young people across the country in the first year alone.


Created over 2.5 million casual, temporary and permanent jobs, a majority of which engaged the youth. This was achieved through the implementation of infrastructure and other Government and private sector projects over the last five years

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