The NRM has made great strides in implementing what we promised five years ago. Among them are:


  1.  Creating and maintaining the environment in which people have a say in national issues that directly affect them


  2.  Professionalising and equipping both the army and the police to deal with the modern security threats of terrorism.


  3.  Uganda is now secure and the situation will be maintained under the NRM leadership


  4.  We have also contributed to peace and development in the region as part of our Pan-Africanist responsibility.


  5.  We will continue with our unwavering efforts to


  6.  Consolidate the establishment of the rule of law Increase people’s participation


  7.  Empower women and the youth


  8.  Promote freedom of speech and worship


  9.  Hold regular free and fair elections, and consolidate of equity

Achievement image: