To highlight the progress on the security sector implementation of the NRM Manifesto commitments since 2016 to present.



• The Security Sector is identified in the NRM Manifesto as a pillar in achieving the aspirations of the ruling party. This is enshrined on the NRM commitment to ensure a secure and peaceful Uganda by promoting and upholding democracy and good governance as core values for national socio-economic transformation.


• Below are the commitments, strategic guidelines and directives of the sector and the progress;


NRM Manifesto commitments and Presidential Directives to the Security Sector


• Continued Professionalisation and Modernisation of Defence and security forces

• Developing Defence and Security Infrastructure

• Strengthening Research and Development

• Promoting Production for Wealth Creation and Self-sustainability

• Strengthening Internal and External Security


Presidential Directives

• Relocation of Airforce elements to Nakasongola

• Adequate provision for classified expenditure

• Funding redevelopment Luwero Industries

• Budget provision for adequate feeding for the army• Purchase uniforms and boots from local manufacturers


• Reduce expenditure on Useage of Air force fuel

• Installation of Solar Power in Barracks to reduce the current electricity bill

• Drilling boreholes in barracks to reduce current water bill

• Development of the National Military Referral Hospital

• Development of Kitante Medical Centre

• Pursue the pre-financing option for construction of the 30,000 houses for UPDF.

• Pursue the pre-financing option for construction of ISO and ESO Headquarters.

• Come up with a proposal on salary enhancement for scientists in the Army.

• Gradually and affordably increase the salaries of soldiers until they come in line with salaries of primary school teachers

• Organize Veterans to benefit from Operation Wealth creation and to engage in income generating activities as Government considers payment of the shs 536bn pension and gratuity arrears.

• Funding the Uganda Air cargo to enable them repair the grounded aircraft

• Increase the income generating activities for soldiers' spouses to include weaving, soap making and making clothes using handlooms.


Manifesto Commitment: Acquisition and maintenance of equipment

Achievement: The ministry has continued to professionalize and modernize the defence and security forces. This has been done   through acquiring, refurbishing and maintaining equipment for land, air and   water. This has enhanced the security forces’ capability to respond to threats on time.


Presidential Directive: Classified expenditure should remain a priority because its spent on items that are crucial for UPDF and National security

Achievement: Classified expenditure has continued as priority on MoDVA’s budget. Consequently UPDF capacity and capability have continued to grow and meets the current needs to sustain Peace and security.


Manifesto commitment: Human Capital Development

Achievement: Recruitment- the sector has consistently achieved this through enlistment, focusing on career development and deploying of officers and militants in operational and non- perational areas. A number of troops have been cruited over years to  augment the UPDF and hance capability in terms of numbers.


Manifesto commitment: Human Capital Development

Achievement: Training and Retraining of officers and militants-  The Ministry has continued to train and retrain the Force in   relevant courses for skills development and knowledge acquisition. This has been geared towards professionalizing and modernizing the army in addition to making the UPDF thrive at the national, regional and global age. Trainings have been undertaken both locally and internationally with joint exercises to test readiness for peace support operations and improve regional response in dealing with global and national security threats over the years.


Human Capital Development -WELFARE


Presidential Directive: Pay well scientists like engineers, pilots and doctors in order to retain them in UPDF and other establishments (e.g. LIL).

Gradually and affordably increase the salaries of soldiers until they come in line with salaries of teachers and medical personnel.

Achievement: There is gradual enhancement of salaries for Scientists and lower ranks to be at the same level as Grade III primary school teachers.


Health care services have been regularly provided to UPDF soldiers and their families in all the 112 health units across the Country. In addition, medical services have continued to be extended to the surrounding communities of the UPDF barracks and in Somalia.

There are some medical cases that cannot be handled within UPDF Health centres; these cases are referred to Private not for Profit Hospitals which include Uganda Heart Institute, Mulago, Mengo among others.


2. Developing defence and security infrastructure


Presidential Directive: Construct National Military Referral Hospital (NMRH) in a phased manner.

Achievement: Construction works of a 250-bed Military Referral Hospital at lower Mbuya is ongoing. The OPD, Main theatre/maternity and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) first floors are being   cast.  Foundations of the main Laboratory, Pharmacy, emergency, radiology blocks and Officers ward foundation have been completed. Generally, progress is at 30%. The MRH will include specialised units of   Heart and Cancer Treatment Units.


Manifesto Commitment: The NRM Government will continue with the construction of barracks to provide a conducive and habitable living environment for the personnel, as part of the welfare improvement programme in the UPDF and UPF. Temporary structures in barracks will be replaced with permanent ones. This will include developing and rehabilitating other welfare facilities such as health, education and sports infrastructure in every barracks

Achievement: The sector continued to renovate and rehabilitate infrastructure facilities in the areas of housing accommodation, health and sanitation and training schools. This has helped improve the living conditions of soldiers and their families. Consequently, the morale of soldiers to serve has been enhanced over time. Developing defence and security infrastructure.


Presidential Directive: Provision of Housing accommodation. Achievement: The Ministry embarked on a 30,000 housing project to address the issue of provision of housing accommodation.


The Ministry is currently engaging MoFPED for funding of this project. A Pre-Feasibility Study was submitted to MoFPED and was approved. A Feasibility Study is being developed and once approved will determine the financing options.


The Ministry continues implementing the Second Defence Strategic Infrastructure Investment Plan (DSIIP II) with routine renovations and construction works in Housing accommodation.


Presidential Directive: Moving the Air force from Entebbe to Nakasongola


• Secured and undertook major repairs at Nakasongola Airbase runway. The runway is now operational with flights of Sukhoi and other light Air crafts.

• Constructed 02 hangars at Nakasongola. 01 has been completed and 01 is under going construction.

• Constructed aircraft maintenance workshops

• Posted 60 ground support staff.

• Constructed and renovated 02 blocks of flats for Air force staff.

• Installed and commissioned Air Defence Radars.

• Procurement for fire station, control tower and purchase of equipment is on-going

• Fencing was done and completed.

• The procurement process is still on-going for maintenance of the runway and clearing of the bush.


Presidential Directive: Expenditure on electricity, MoDVA should look at the option of running the barracks on solar power.

Achievement: In a bid to reduce expenditure on electricity, the Ministry embarked on a solar project as one of the options. A Kololo pilot project was   commenced on. A contract was signed to design and build a solar power generation system at Kololo National Ceremonial Grounds.


Currently, construction of the power house is at roofing stage at 75%.


All project materials have been delivered on site (1620 solar panels each of 315watts, 300batteries each 1000AMPs/hrs, cables 90sqmm (4core, 6050m) and accessories. Installation of the solar panels is complete.


Presidential Directive: Expenditure on water; MoDVA should look at the option of drilling boreholes in the barracks and also install pumps so that water is pumped to a tank and it flows to users by gravity.

Achievement: The Ministry has so far drilled 29 boreholes in different Barracks locations. Some of the locations are Olilim, Rubongi, Bombo, Nakasongola, Lugazi, Amudat, Kaabong, Kotido among others. This has reduced on expenditure of water in Barracks 


3. Strengthening Research and Development

Manifesto commitment: In order to keep pace with global trends in science, technology and innovation, the Defence Research, Science and Technology Centre (DRSTC) at Lugazi and the Avionics Research Centre at Nakasongola will be developed into centres of excellence for collaborative research with the private sector, universities and other agencies.

Achievement: The sector continued to undertake R&D at Lugazi, Nakasongola (NEC) and under Technical Information and Services Unit (TISU). This area is being developed  


4.Promoting production for wealth creation and self- sustainability.

Manifesto commitment: Defence and security will fully operationalise its mandate of contributing to national development. The force will also, more effectively, engage in primary, secondary and industrial production, initially for internal consumption within the sector and later for commercial purposes. This model of managing the forces will enhance professionalism within the forces and reduce the burden on the national budget.

Achievement: The Ministry has been engaging in production activities under National Enterprise Corporation (NEC). NEC has a number of subsidiaries including NEC Katonga farm, NEC tractors, Luweero Industries, NEC Construction, Works and Engineering Ltd, NEC Hire Tractor scheme and NEC Uzima. All these have been established over period of time since 2016.


Promoting production for wealth creation and self- sustainability.

Presidential Directive: Luweero industries should be given funds to buy the equipment needed to enable production of some of the supplies for UPDF.

Achievement: There has been gradual increase in the capitalisation of LIL to boost its production capacity for UPDF supplies.  Funding is based   on a Strategic Plan with   annualized financial requirements approved by the Board.

In FY 2016/17 Shs 2bn was allocated to LIL. This has gradually been increased to Shs 10bn in FY 2019/20.


Presidential Directive: Funding Uganda Air Cargo Co. Ltd (UACC). This should be taken as a strategic item. We are discussing the revival of Uganda Airlines; we also need an air cargo that will help our horticulture exporters to transport their goods to various destinations. MoFPED should address the matter.

Achievement: The Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs is engaging  Government and MoFPED to finance the Uganda Air Cargo. Budget requirement for FY 2019/20 is Shs 37.8bn.

5. Strengthening of internal and external security

Manifesto commitment: The internal and External security of the country will be strengthened by enhancing information collection and analysis capabilities. We will also institute measures including advanced detection techniques and appropriate technologies to deter and curtail terrorists and other hostile activities against the country.

Achievement: In the endeavor to create and maintain a secure, peaceful and stable environment, the sector has continuously engaged in a number of activities to curtail security threats. The security forces have therefore continued to enhance the capability and capacity of intelligence through efficient information collection measures.

As a result, pre-emptive actions against terrorism, insurgencies and other forms of organized crime as well as Espionage were undertaken.


Management of Veteran Affairs

A directorate of Veteran Affairs was established to specifically handle matters of Veteran Affairs. Administratively, matters of veterans have since shifted from the office of the Prime Minister to the Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs.


Settlement of veteran’s arrears

The process of resettlement of arrears is ongoing. Verification process of the beneficiaries is ongoing to ascertain the actual beneficiaries. 10,000 files are ready for payment. The Ministry is engaging MoFPED for extra funding.

ISO veterans – 14.5bn out of the 29bn will have been paid by 21 st May, 2019. the balance of 14.5bn will be paid in FY 2019/20.


Other Presidential Directives


Presidential Directive: Create income generating projects for soldiers’ spouses

Achievement: The Ministry established agricultural and cottage industries to benefit a wider range of spouses. The activities include- weaving of sweaters, soap making, apiary, G.nut paste making, crafts making, baking and nursery coffee gardens. The Ministry has continued to invest in skills development to empower spouses for economic self-reliance to increase household incomes.


Village Savings and Loans associations have been formed among different Spouses groups in Barracks to provide soft loans for income generating activities.


Collaboration with other MDAs is on-going to create sustainable linkages.



• The security sector has continued to deliver on the NRM Manifesto directives and guidelines. A number of achievements have been made as shown above.

• In a bid to ensure a peaceful and stable nation, the security sector has since 2016 continued professionalising and modernising the UPDF and operationalising the defence missions.

• The security sector pledges to continue to perform its Constitutional mandate as required by Law.


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