2016 - 2021 Manifesto

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) Manifesto 2016 is the fifth one since 1996. The NRM is a mass organisation that is
on track in implementing policies and programmes in all these manifestos. Each of these manifestos has a theme in tandem with
the stages of the country’s progress.

The 1996 Manifesto had “Tackling the Tasks Ahead” as the theme, the one of 2001 was “Consolidating the achievements”, 2006 had
“Prosperity for All”, while the 2011 Manifesto had “Prosperity for All: Better Service Delivery and Job-Creation”. In the 2016 Manifesto,
the central theme and message is “Taking Uganda to Modernity through Job-creation and Inclusive Development”.


I have great pleasure to now present the 2016 NRM Manifesto, whose aspirations are to take Uganda to a competitive middleincome
country from a predominantly low-income society.

In it is the NRM’s plan for the next five years that lays a strong foundation to build on what we have so far achieved. It sets out
the best assessment of policies and measures needed to achieve sustainable improvement.


I would like to assure our supporters and the whole nation that NRM, which is not a new organisation, has weathered all challenges and will
continue to improve the living standards of the people. Uganda today has a more robust foundation than ever before. Backward leadership
that lacks vision and ideology is now a thing of the past. Uganda is on the road to development and nothing will hamper that.


Through this manifesto, NRM renews its determination to implement the promises that have been made and consolidate the measures and
reforms that have already been taken. Anyone who appreciates where we are coming from as a country must find our strides impressive.
Uganda must strive to build on this success.

The NRM has achieved monumental landmarks in all sectors. If we continue at this pace, Uganda shall transform into a middle-income
country and we shall be a prosperous nation in the near future. We look back with pride at our exceptional achievements over the decades.
We consider NRM to be the trustee and principal guarantor of vision 2040. We want to make Uganda Africa’s gateway. Our manifesto sets
out priority areas of focus, which include Strengthening Security, Good Governance and Democracy, Consolidating Growth, Employment and
Macro-economic stability; Agriculture, Industry, Tourism, Human Capital Development; Health, Infrastructure Development for Competitiveness,
Trade, Sustainable harnessing of Natural Resources, Public and Private Sector Institutional Development, and International and Regional Cooperation.


It is a right of every Ugandan to understand what their government intends to accomplish so that they are not only able to demand for
accountability as well as efficient and effective service delivery, but also participate in the pursuit of these goals.
Our strategic goal is to transform Uganda, so this manifesto is basically a diagnosis of our problems and also a prescription for the cure. In it,
we simplify for the population our strategic goal, obstacles we have surmounted, what we have achieved and what we intend to do.


The NRM is, therefore, seeking a fresh mandate on the strength of its record of performance and unwavering commitment to the welfare of
all Ugandans. Our significant and impressive achievements have been made over the last five years under NRM leadership. I present to the
people of Uganda the NRM Manifesto 2016 and strongly appeal for support to take Uganda to modernity.


You have seen us deliver before; you can trust us with the future.

Long Live Uganda
Long Live National Resistance Movement
For God and my Country


Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

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